My parents are good but …

Today I read a girl LinkedIn post about her parents, she said about how they support her to be a successful woman, they had a plan to have an educated and better future for children, they experienced suffering in this way, all comments appreciate parents and their efforts and guidance.

I couldn’t put any comment on that post, I got sad, I am writing this post to experess my emotions about how my parent try to stop my education.

I like my mom and dad, but they like a traditional life for me, marriage is more important than everything, education in a high-level band for me because the university is not a safe place for a girl and it can lose faith in God or other incorrect believes that cause they stop my education for four years, also they put lots of pressure on me to get married soon and become a householder just like their life. They also cut their financial support when I finally went to university because I choose some kind of wearing that they do not like. finally, it always suffering me that their standards have very different for girls and boys.

I know these things are negative parts of my parents’ behavior, they have done a lot for me and I will always love them, and only when I am concerned about the progress and the image I have for my future do I think these issues hurt me again, wishing they were by my side to achieve success, not in front of me.

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