My Goals

It is important in my life to tracking some goals, goals give meaning to my life. This point of view started when I was an adolescent, I was born in the lower social class, I did not like lots of things, like; low health behaviors, insignificant education for girls, the superiority of men. My goal was to be educated and grow.

Goals always change. When I was a student at the university my purpose was being a great child psychologist and growth. I almost achieved that goal in my master’s degree, but my marriage changed my future.
For me, romantic engagement was more like a God-given gift than a goal, and I marry with Ehsan, an educated kind man from the upper social class. he was my classmate in the master’s course and after three years when he was a Ph.D. psychology student we got married.
My goal in that period was being a Ph.D. student but unfortunately, Ehsan had some problems with his university and teachers witch affected my growth. He said to wait for a better university in a developed country, it was not my goal but I was lots of stressful events and emotional problems in my relationship that I could not follow my vision, my life needed to handle more complicated problems that I never experienced it before. My goal had to be to keep my marriage safe and take care of my love.
I am a woman like most of them I like to have kids, It was another God-given gift in my life, Sara was born, she is beautiful, kind, and full of energy. I like more kids but my spouse needs a quiet place at home and did not accept my feelings and I do not have my third gift.
Ehsan was a programmer too. I do not remember how my goal changed to be a programmer, maybe I do not like to remember it, my husband and I like work together on the same projects, sometimes I feel he does not like me until I get a programmer, I do not know how exactly happened but last year I was sure learning programmer should be started. I like programming a lot, it was so exciting and useful skill.
After the underdeveloped culture of my social class, the challenges of my marriage, Covid-19 became the worst obstacle to my progress. I experience some minor depression and at least one major depression this year.
Now I am strong enough to move towards my goals. I am tracking my decisions in the sidebar progress bar. I hope I can find some friends here and we share and help each other to be what we want to become.

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