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I am a child psychologist, this is the career I am most interested in. Life wants me to create a new skill, I choose my second interest, becoming a programmer, it seems not very hard at first, I thought HTML, CSS, Bootstrap are parts of programming but they do not need the most important things in programming:problem-solving and being objective. I wrote some static template websites, and then javascript and jQuery started. I enjoyed and learned but something went wrong. Covid19 affects my life like lots of people in the world. Some period I stopped learning but It was temporary. Now this is my first post on my first website, and I decide to write about the whole of my life especially becoming a coder, my relationship, my emotions and thoughts, and my schedule for every day.
I hope I can find some friends with similar interests.

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  1. wow It’s interesting that I see you wasn’t hopless in this period of covid 19 and also you have worked on a new skill..
    I wish you be successful in this way as the same as ur first skill my dear maryami 😘

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